2011 / 2015

Traversée - © Clément Lambelet


On board the Transmongolian, the icy expanses of Siberia, dear to Blaise Cendrars, become arid. It is from a fixed point, through the window of the train, that one sees the landscape unfolding on the 709 kilometers that separate Ulaanbaatar – the Mongolian capital – from Zamyn-Üüd – border post with China.

Between the two, the Gobi desert stretches a panorama of subtlety. He seems petrified in his absence of change, his forgetfulness of spectacular. The only elevation points in this minimal landscape are the poles along the track. They’re approaching, backing off. These vertical signs punctuate the horizon. The territory invites little to life, some nomads or a herd of lost cattle.

We then focus on the details of the scene: the stones, the sand, the grass, the fences or the few tracks that evolve slowly.

Thanks to Sam for the adventure.


  1. 2022
    1. 768_768,

      Plateforme 10, Lausanne, CH

  2. 2015
    1. Festival Alt. +1000,

      Rossinière, CH,

      12/07 – 21/09

© Clément Lambelet